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E-mail Protection Service

SPAM and viruses are a constant threat to any business.

To help prevent this threat, Show The World can offer you Enterprise off-server Virus and SPAM E-mail Filtering service at an affordable price.

This off-server e-mail management system filters the e-mail before the e-mail hits your In-box, providing better security to your hosting account and mail service.

More about this service:
Our professional off-server e-mail Virus and Spam Filtering service. SPAM and virus filtering is dedicated to maintaining live, state of the art, up-to-the-minute e-mail filtering systems.

This service has been in operation since 1999 and currently process more than 3 billion e-mails every week. We can assure customers of consistent, reliable 99.999 percent service availability, without significant delay in delivering legitimate e-mail messages.

Benefits of using our Off-Server E-mail Filtering Service:

  • Users' e-mails are filtered before they reach your In-Box. This reduces the load on your own mailserver server giving you peace of mind and better performance.
  • McAfee Anti-virusKnown viruses are filtered out before the infected message reaches your In-Box and downloads to your computer.
  • Our Anti-Virus definitions are updates directly from leading anti-virus providers, such as McAfee, in real time.
  • Blatant spam is blackholed, so you never see it. All other suspected spam is filtered into your online quarantine folder for you to view and process as needed.
  • You control your e-mail filtering rules and lists. Any e-mail address added to your whitelist is not filtered.

How do I manage my account?

  • You control the settings of your account using an easy-to-use, web-based control panel.
  • You set the level of filter for bulk e-mail, sexually explicit e-mail, get rich quick, special offers and racially insensitive e-mails from lenient to aggressive (5 levels).
  • There is nothing to install on your computer.
  • You do not need to buy any software with this Service
  • No need to reconfigure your existing passwords.
  • No change to the way you use e-mail.

Costs for our E-mail Filtering Service:

Set-up Cost
(once-off fee)

$165.00 per hour (including GST)

Normally set-up of this service takes around 20-30 minutes but it depends on the your current email configuration and the number of users you are adding

Cost per Account*
(per month)

$5.50 (including GST)

All prices are in Australian Dollars.
* Each account can include up to 5 aliases.

How to purchase your Filtering Service?

If you would like to purchase a subscription to our E-mail Filtering Service, please complete the form below. Your details will be sent to us via a secure connection (SSL) and stored securely in a password-protected and encrypted database until we set up this service for you.

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